Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My First Post! Summer Dreamin'

For my first post that nobody will probably see, I'd like to post some inspiration. My camera is getting all fixed up right now, so any readers out there, you'll have to satisfy yourself with stuff you may have seen before. It's summer now, so I've been looking for pieces that are relaxed and romantic, and comfy dresses certainly seem to fit the bill. Each of these dresses are reminiscent of my favourite summer pastimes.

This one from shopruche.com, as you may have guessed, reminds me of picnics. Not just the red gingham print, but the lightweight fabric and the fun flirty vibe it gives off; perfect for an afternoon date with my boyfriend Josh. I actually have a red gingham blanket! But I think this dress is more appropriate for alternative blankets.

Also from shopruche.com, this dress reminds me of delightful (iced) tea parties. As a child, I used to have tea parties with my teddy bears, but I have yet to throw one for actual people, but I long to do so, especially now since I have a fabulous Alice in Wonderland tea set.

Unless you're from Canada or the northeastern United States, you're probably not too familiar with 'cottaging', or going to one's cottage. Basically, it's a second home that is usually small in size. Activities include swimming, boating, going into town, frolicking or lounging around. This dress from modcloth.com, although I have a feeling it would not be particularly flattering on my figure, is perfect for all of that. It's completely casual but still has a distinctly pretty style.

What are your favourite activities to do this time of year? What would you wear while doing it?