Monday, July 26, 2010

Artist of the Moment

I've known Kaitlyn since grade seven, but I hadn't known about her artistic talent until grade nine, when I first saw her work. I wish she could photograph my outfits everyday! Her artwork is simple, pure, and beautiful, to name a few fitting words to describe her gorgeous art.

It's this work of art that inspired me to blog about Kaitlyn. Here's the backstory of the photo, as written by Kaity herself:

this man is 28 years old, he was kicked out of his home when he was 17. he has been living in toronto for the past 11 years on his own, being only able to buy food and clothes about once every two months, if lucky. the reason i stopped to talk to him was because he was me. sounds creeepy i know. i sat down beside him and he asked me about my camera, and i told him that i loved art. he told me when he was younger he loved art also. i asked him why he was kicked out of his house, and he told me that it was because he was gay. i then asked him if he realized what it said behind him...and he said he knew, because he painted it. this is where he lives, in that exact spot hes sitting.

i dont know if you noticed but it said "nothing will change"

i asked him if we could do an art project together. so we walked down to spadina ave, baught a can of paint and together we painted "everything will change."

Kaitlyn = absolutely amazing.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Aritzia, despite being out of my budget range, is one of my favourite stores. There are modern pieces that I can incorporate into a more vintage looking outfit, to give it a timeless feel. Plus, Aritzia is Canadian!

This outfit really defines casual luxury for me. I'm obsessed with finding a nice cardigan right now, and this one looks like a fit contender. I find grey to work with all the seasons, and it just looks so soft! The shirt looks nice, loose and silky, and do I ever love polkadots. I like that they are tiny and sparse. What I like about the shorts is that they are flattering to my body type (or so I assume), and they sort of look like a cool fusion between workwear and bloomers. Did I mention that they could work for all seasons?

Hooray! Another cardigan! This time in black. Maybe not for cool summer days, but it would work any other time. This outfit reminds me of sailors. I'm not sure how I would look in those shorts, but they are quite nice.

Nothing beats a classic trenchcoat in a neutral colour. What else can I say? I can say that I also want those glasses, even though my vision is 20/20.

Now all I need to go with these outfits is a pair of black oxfords, though I'm sure my little black flats (well, they're a size ten, actually) will do. (:

Saturday, July 17, 2010

What I Want From American Apparel

It's true, I'm not a flashdance kinda girl, but lately, AA has been coming out with cool new designs that have made it to my wishlist. PS: I promise I will post a picture of me wearing something soon!

This shirt is very '90s, almost unforgivably, minimalist '90s, but I really do like it. It's delicate, can be dressed up, dressed down, and worn all year 'round, and those versatile pieces in my closet usually end up being my favourites.

I would prefer if these were made from a more structured material, but I love the idea of them. Very cute, lazy weekend type shorts. I've always loved bloomers, and they can go underneath my dresses instead of the ugly gym booty shorts I keep hidden underneath.

I know it's called a 'petticoat', and should probably be worn as such, but to me, it is a wonderful tutu. I don't know how I would incorporate this practically, but I don't care. It's dreamy, feminine and beautiful.

Hooray for chambray! I know it's a trend, but I will wear this material long after its popularity diminishes. It's structured, but light, and there's something laid back but dressy about it. And I do love me some circle skirts.

I've been searching for a long, loose, but still fitted cardigan as a wardrobe essential, so naturally I want it in black. Perfect for lazy afternoons, cool summer nights and pretty autumn outfits.

This, my readers (all five [or something miniscule] of you!) is a farewell post. No no, I'm not about to hang up my blogger hat, I'm just going to a friend's cottage until probably Thursday. Maybe FINALLY when I get back I can post an outfit of mine!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Beachy Keen

If I had all the money and access to a credit card, this is what I would bring to the beach.

Esther Williams is a swimsuit genius. I've got pretty big hips and thighs, and this swimsuit has that covered (pun intended). I thinks it's sexy without being too skimpy.

This picture is the closest I could find to the vintage slingbacks I already have. They're really cool; leather with cut out designs and the wedge part is fake dark wood parquait floors. They're also flat enough to survive the sand.

Inspired by Lolita, we have here another image that was the closest I could find to my existing sunglasses. All pubescent nymphets aside, these are absolutely adorable and so much fun to wear.

Like sunglasses, a sun hat is very practical for protecting yourself from harmful UV rays. My favourite part is the black bow, which matches the black in the bathingsuit.

I promised myself I would read this. The beach is a romantic place, and what better to read than a classic romance?

And finally, my beach playlist:

Oh, Darling -The Beatles
Hound Dog -Evlis Presley
Dearest -Buddy Holly
Summer Nights -Grease Soundtrack
Sugartown -Zooey Deschanel Version (500 Days of Summer Soundtrack)
Happy Together -The Turtles
Let's Do It (Let's Fall in Love) -Ella Fitzgerald
Sweet Darlin' -She & Him
New Romantic -Laura Marling
Mansford Roof -Vampire Weekend
Island in the Sun -Weezer
Bubbly -Colbie Callait
Unwritten -Natasha Beddingfield
Soul Sister -Train

Okay, I know the last few are kinda lame, but who can resist guilty pleasures?

What would you consider your beach essentials?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Imaginary Wedding of Mine

Since I have yet to figure out my camera (and don't be expecting amazing photos until I team up with lovely photographer Kaitlyn Loder), I figure I should post more inspiration. I suppose weddings aren't everyday sort of things, I just love how they look. Is it weird that I plan the artistic direction of my own future wedding? Probably, but with all these delicious details, how can I resist?

The Dress:

This is a vintage forties dress from a website with a url that escapes me. It's been sold already, but I'm totally willing to get it remade, except the slip would be a silvery white-blue. My favourite part is the lacy butterfly sleeves. So romantic!

The Colour Palette:

Looks like I'll have more than just something blue. Originally, I was thinking of a blue, pink and purple palette, but (500) Days of Summer gave me a push in the true blue direction. Hopefully it will bring out my eyes!

The Venue:

This is Graydon Hall Manor in Toronto. It's quite pricey, so I don't know if I could actually get married here, but it's so beautiful. It's sort of like a 1920's English country mansion, don't you think? I would love a garden ceremony.

The Shoes:

These little wedding bootie-style pump shoe things (I don't know, but they're awesome) just call my name. They're elegant, vintage and would look awesome with the dress. However, they would probably be pretty expensive and possibly to warm for my feet, so here's another pair:

Totally forties and I love the netting on them. I would love a little netted blusher, too. I'm a matchy-matchy person.

Bridesmaid Dresses:
I know if I make them too pretty, I will get totally jealous. I think I want simple ones that match but are accessorized differently. I was thinking something like the dress I wore to Josh's prom last year.

This is me posing and Josh mocking me. What a meanie. (uploaded from Facebook)

The Cake:

Ahhhh, it's so cute! I love the little flowers and the messages all over it. Also, I want it to be chocolate underneath that blue icing. Is that possible?

I love weddings.