Sunday, July 25, 2010


Aritzia, despite being out of my budget range, is one of my favourite stores. There are modern pieces that I can incorporate into a more vintage looking outfit, to give it a timeless feel. Plus, Aritzia is Canadian!

This outfit really defines casual luxury for me. I'm obsessed with finding a nice cardigan right now, and this one looks like a fit contender. I find grey to work with all the seasons, and it just looks so soft! The shirt looks nice, loose and silky, and do I ever love polkadots. I like that they are tiny and sparse. What I like about the shorts is that they are flattering to my body type (or so I assume), and they sort of look like a cool fusion between workwear and bloomers. Did I mention that they could work for all seasons?

Hooray! Another cardigan! This time in black. Maybe not for cool summer days, but it would work any other time. This outfit reminds me of sailors. I'm not sure how I would look in those shorts, but they are quite nice.

Nothing beats a classic trenchcoat in a neutral colour. What else can I say? I can say that I also want those glasses, even though my vision is 20/20.

Now all I need to go with these outfits is a pair of black oxfords, though I'm sure my little black flats (well, they're a size ten, actually) will do. (:

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