Saturday, July 17, 2010

What I Want From American Apparel

It's true, I'm not a flashdance kinda girl, but lately, AA has been coming out with cool new designs that have made it to my wishlist. PS: I promise I will post a picture of me wearing something soon!

This shirt is very '90s, almost unforgivably, minimalist '90s, but I really do like it. It's delicate, can be dressed up, dressed down, and worn all year 'round, and those versatile pieces in my closet usually end up being my favourites.

I would prefer if these were made from a more structured material, but I love the idea of them. Very cute, lazy weekend type shorts. I've always loved bloomers, and they can go underneath my dresses instead of the ugly gym booty shorts I keep hidden underneath.

I know it's called a 'petticoat', and should probably be worn as such, but to me, it is a wonderful tutu. I don't know how I would incorporate this practically, but I don't care. It's dreamy, feminine and beautiful.

Hooray for chambray! I know it's a trend, but I will wear this material long after its popularity diminishes. It's structured, but light, and there's something laid back but dressy about it. And I do love me some circle skirts.

I've been searching for a long, loose, but still fitted cardigan as a wardrobe essential, so naturally I want it in black. Perfect for lazy afternoons, cool summer nights and pretty autumn outfits.

This, my readers (all five [or something miniscule] of you!) is a farewell post. No no, I'm not about to hang up my blogger hat, I'm just going to a friend's cottage until probably Thursday. Maybe FINALLY when I get back I can post an outfit of mine!

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