Thursday, September 9, 2010

Things I Love About Autumn

Well, folks, it appears that the summer part of the seasonal cycle has passed. Although the equinox is not until the twenty-third this year (I believe), autumn weather has fallen upon us. I'm not an intense weather person, so I prefer the less appreciated and shorter Spring and Autumn. If you think about it, Autumn has a melancholic beauty about it. Everything around us is dying, but it's such a pretty spectacle. Here are some things to put me in the spirit of the season!

Hot Drinks

Nothing is better than a nice warm beverage on a crisp Autumn day. Today I was reminded of this pleasure when my mother prepared tea for me after school. I drink it all year, but it's the nicest tasting in the cooler months.

Cable Knits

There's also something comforting about warm cable knits. I'm sure there are plenty of other knits that keep you perfectly warm, but there is something novel that makes cable knits especially fun to wear. Read: wearing it may induce extreme coziness.

Pumpkin Picking

Akin to the summer strawberry picking, pumpkin picking is a classic activity for Autumn. It would make a perfect family outing or date, in my opinion. Carving pumpkins is great fun, as well. Last year, I carved a jack-o-lantern that was modeled after Wild Things.

Last, But Most Loved . . . Halloween

Halloween= candy + dressing up + parties. What's not to love?

Next time, my Halloween costume!

All above images are from Polyvore. The last image, however, is from Alas, a blog. I do not own the rights to any of the above images.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Talk Nerdy to Me

Forever 21 is quickly becoming my favourite non-thrift store. It has such a wide selection of cute, quirky items! With my Accountant boyfriend and my growing love of classic literature (and grandpa glasses), of course I'd fall in love with this little collection.

Geek is chic!