Thursday, November 18, 2010

Winter Wishlist

As Winter approaches us with moderate speed here in Southern Ontario, I've begun to anticipate freezing conditions, snowfall, and central heating. And don't doubt the visions of sugar plum fairies, either. In such anticipation, I've been dreaming of wint'ry garments to satisfy my desire to be cozy AND cute.

Surprise, surprise! A Hollister cardigan. Back in the day, I was a huge fan of the brand, but since then I've outgrown it. I check up on the site once in a while to see if they have anything I like, and good thing I did! This fairisle cardigan is the perfect mix between vintage coziness and prim girliness.

I love slouchy boots. My mother refers lovingly to these as 'Peter Pan Getaway Boots'. Nice, mum, nice. I just hope my feet wouldn't get TOO cold.

I love skirts and dresses. These are knitted tights. Enough said, my friends.

Two words: tres chic! I have a very small collection of hats, and I would love to make it grow by adding this into the mix. It's just plain adorable.

Another hat! I love me some vintage glamour, and this cloche hat has just the right amount.

I've been craving the effortless cool factor of a blazer. It is a unique alternative to the beloved cardigan, and did I mention cool?

I love all the things on this list, but I am most excited for Christmas shopping for my buddies. Giving is better than receiving!


  1. Loving that sweater and the hats are amazing too! I like your style you should post more often:)


  2. I love that sweater ! Gives off a modern preppy winter feel. (: