Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring Flick: Jane Eyre

The release date of the newest film adaptation of Jane Eyre is drawing nearer and nearer. I have about as much patience as a fruit fly has strength, so you can imagine how difficult the wait has been to endure. Pardon the formality in my writing, by the way -I just finished doing a project for school. I suppose it does fit with the time period of the film, though. Anyway, TANGENTS! Here are some stills.

Take that in, folks. It's the sweet sex appeal of Michael Fassbender as Edward Rochester.

I'm quite the sucker for period pieces, and especially the costumes. While the wardrobe in Jane Eyre will be less decadent than Marie Antoinette was, I look forward to a visual feast that will hopefully emphasize the story.

I know that past interpretations of Jane Eyre have been light and lulling, so I am happily anticipating a more dark, dramatic, intense portrayal of Charlotte Bronte's novel. The movie hits theatres this Friday -cue high-pitched screeches of joy!

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