Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Inspirational Chapin Sisters

Okay, so I probably won't do an outfit post until Thursday, and I've been a bad, bad blogger by not posting recently, so here it is. Lately, I have found my style leaning towards the ethereal, perhaps because of Summer. Back in early June, I went to see She & Him (great show, not-so-great venue), and a lovely sister duo (normally a trio, but the third sister was on maternity leave/rest -cutest baby!), and I could not help but take note of what they were wearing. It was like their music was visualized through their clothes. They sing lovely, folksy, sometimes melancholic tunes with beautiful harmonies worthy of acapella glory. Their style is dreamy, romantic and free, which really entices me.

All photos are taken from MySpace and various Google Image locations.

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