Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Jim James and the Blue Flames by TwentySevenNames

I know it's their summer 09/10 collection(I don't get how that works, but okay), but I'm looking for inspiration and have found it in their interestly named collection. Here are my favourite looks!

I love this silhouette. It's not much of a day dress, though, or maybe that's me playing it safe. The details are so elegant, and definitely call for pearl earrings. Wait, I don't have my ears pierced! Noooooo . . .

This is a great seasonal transition dress. If you know my taste, you know I'm a sucker for polkadots. How do red tights, white oxfords and messy hair sound?

This dress is so darling, and makes me want to wear plaid! I like the blue and yellow together, it's very fresh. If I ever wore this or something like it, it would surely call for strawberry picking.

I'm liking the square bib on this dress, but I already have a white dress with butterfly sleeves! Yay! It's very summery, so I better take advantage of it while I can. I think it would look lovely with my heart pendant and wicker bucketbag.

This is a dreamy blouse. And I need more blouses. Hurray for inspirational seperates! It's conservative, which is good for me because I'll be volunteering (with kiddies in daycare, if you were curious) in less than a month, but this fabric looks nice and light.

I love me some boyfriend oxford shirts. I've been stealing Josh's chambray shirt from American Apparel, so this is practical inspiration. In fact, I would wear it just like the model. Not in public, of course. I might even go as far as pairing it with floral leggings, but that would be scarily trendy for me.

Denim jackets remind me of my childhood, and sometimes in the wrong way. I actually did have a pink denim jacket when I was little, and I am tempted to bring it back, but by wearing it with more mature pieces.

I know I've posted about neutral trench coats before, but I like how this is a cocoon jacket, since I've been lusting after a cocoon cardigan.

I'm in the difficult pursuit of satisfaction with the weather, but these looks work for summer and fall, so I don't have to feel like my summer dreaming is limited. Yay for seasonal transitioning!

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