Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Shopping Trip

Yesterday, I went to the Vaughan Mills shopping mall with my friend Julie. Yes, there was an American Apparel, and yes, I got a cardigan! It's not the black one, it's better.

^The cardigan that I bought, here shown on a man. The picture of the woman wearing it was too disco-styled.

I can't wait to style this piece! I feel like an artist that just got a new can of paint. I imagine the royal blue would look fabulous with red lipstick, no?

On another note, I went to the Pink store by Victoria's Secret, and I surprisingly liked it! I'm not one for advertising brands, but there's something funny about buying a yellow tee that says 'love pink', which is what I did. It's not something I would wear going out, but it's very soft, and the neckline is great.

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